ATMs aren’t just cash dispensers anymore. They are a becoming digital currency exchange locations.
The age of digital currency has arrived. Since Bitcoin’s inception, digital currency markets and traditional ATM manufacturers have customarily operated as two independently successful entities. Today, BitSwipe is offering ATM manufacturers revolutionary new technologies, paving the way for the symbiotic merger of two financial industrial giants.
We partner with ATM manufacturers, host processors, and ISOs to deliver software upgrades, and the digital currency know-how needed, to take advantage of massive growth opportunities that have been projected for the next decade.

BitSwipe has two products available, depending on your ATM model:


Withdrawal fiat cash from the consumer’s digital currency account.


Exchange fiat currency for digital currency at the ATM kiosk.

We are here to serve the ATM industry, introducing a new way incorporate the incredible revenue potential of digital currency transactions.The ATM marketplace is ready!