Currently, there are less than 650 specialized Bitcoin ATM’s in the world. Despite the small number of Bitcoin ATM’s with digital currency functionality, these machines continue to generate over $60 million in revenue per month.
What if traditionally existing ATM’s could be upgraded to include digital currency functionality?

This is what we do. BitSwipe is the company that will retrofit your existing ATM’s to provide digital currency exchange solutions.

This new feature also reveals a clear and simple pathway for the ATM industry to become the most relevant banking alternative. ATM kiosks will be converted into micro-currency exchange locations, particularly in regions with severe currency volatility and inflation. Global and regional economic events such as those seen in Greece, Venezuela, Brazil and the recent Brexit referendum, will amplify the need for readily accessible exchange locations. The ATM marketplace will serve as a stabilizing force during these times of currency insecurity.

As consumers shift toward more convenient mobile wallets for their retail purchases, the ATM industry will be forced to upgrade hardware and strain ATM deployment firms to invest heavily in new assets, to keep current with modern consumer interface expectations and security requirements.

BitSwipe takes advantage of every secure interface technology available, including user verification redundancy and convenience features such as QR and NFC. Also, because BitSwipe’s Digital Currency ATM Module operates exclusively through mobile phone applications, EMV upgrades and liability shift concerns become obsolete.

There are currently over 10 million active Bitcoin users, most of whom are intensely loyal to their digital currency platform. Given the massive capital investments in digital currency technology, in conjunction with the exponential growth of users and transactions, many experts predict there will be over 100 million users by 2017. Now is the time for the ATM industry to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation opportunity for massive revenue growth that utilizes this parallel transaction system.